Essential Business Canned Email Responses

26 Copy and Paste Canned Email Responses

Every business owner must have an essential list of canned email responses to save time and manage their inbox.
One 20-page MS Word Document includes 26 canned email templates that you can cut and paste into Gmail or your favourite email app that supports templates.

More Info on Project Proposal

Too Many Questions

Project Proposal Termination

Project Hourly Rate Knockback

Schedule a 15-minute client Qualification Meeting Using Calendly

Schedule a 30-minute Consultancy Using Calendly

General Decline for Sales Pitches

Divert a Meeting Request to an Email

Divert a Meeting Request to LinkedIn

Handling an Upset Client

Get Rid of Non-Profitable/Low-Priority Projects

Can You Provide A Sample Design/Something

Can I Pick Your Brains for Free?

Sending Out a Meeting Agenda

Inquiry to Supplier for Additional Information

Asking for a Cost Estimate

Sending Attachments

Project Kick-off

Job CV When You Are Not Hiring

Congrats On Your New Role

The “Still Interested?” Follow Up

The “I Just Called You’ Email

The “Why Didn’t You Buy?” Email

Check Out This Useful Article

What Would Need To Change?

The “Break Up” Email

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Essential Business Canned Email ResponsesPDF$36

PDF Document Includes:

26 Email Responses

When to use each email section

Email template  ready to copy

Gmail and Outlook compatible

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